Projects & Presen-tations

(last updated July 23, 2017)

Staff on Special Assignment, Mori no Ike, Concordia Language Villages
I spent a week working with staff members and presenting on various professional development topics, including language objectives for content-based instruction and for intensive language teaching, games for teaching and reviewing language, Gradual Release of Responsibility, and translating camp experience into resume material.

2017 Summer Staff Orientation, Concordia Language Villages

I presented a wide variety of workshops and trainings to staff teaching nine different languages at two different orientations: CLV Mission, Managing Difficult Behavior, Names & Identity, Counseling Skills for Experienced Staff, Credit Teacher Training, Names & Motivation, and interns’ (young new counselors’) training.

Simulations: Covering Tough Content and Planning for Emotional Safety
I was a co-presenter for a webinar sponsored by Concordia Language Villages’ History and Social Studies Special Interest Group, on cultural/historical simulations in the Language Villages. My portion of the presentation was about discussing controversial issues with language learners and managing the emotions that arise during simulations. The full webinar recording is available from Concordia Language Villages.

Collaboratively Determining English Learners’ Readiness to Mainstream
Here is the Prezi and a link to the handouts for the workshop I led in November at New York State TESOL’s annual conference.

Cross-Cultural Simulations for your Class & School
I presented this at the New York State Association of Independent Schools’ (NYSAIS) 2016 Global Language and Culture Conference in New Paltz, NY. View the Prezi

Interpreting TOEFL Junior Scores at North Country School
I presented this as the second half of a co-presentation with Educational Testing Service (ETS) at the 2014 TABS Conference in Washington, DC. View the Prezi

What’s in a Name? Learning about Personal Growth at Camp through Participatory Research
This presentation, presented at the American Camp Association National Conference in February 2012, is a camp-focused, condensed version of the “Participatory Research at Mori no Ike” Prezi below. View it here

Task-Based Language Teaching for Developing Immersion Teachers: 森の池でTBLTと教えるガイド
This curriculum development project for Concordia Language Villages’ Japanese Language Village endeavors to familiarize teachers with basic principles of TBLT and sets up a framework of pedagogic tasks, following the organization’s “Top Ten Tasks” proficiency guidelines. Download the PDF

Participatory Research at Mori no Ike: What happens when you take a Japanese name?
Here is the presentation I gave at my department’s brownbag lecture series on December 1, 2011.  It is the most complete presentation to date related to this project; the corresponding paper is here (and also below).

The Role of Teachers in Selecting Content for Foreign Language Critical Pedagogy
Critical pedagogy advocates often stress the importance of having students select the content for their courses.  What are the benefits and challenges of this for foreign language pedagogy? Download the PDF

A Story-Retelling Speaking Placement Test for Mori no Ike
This paper outlines a way SRSTs can be modified for use as a placement test with low-level students of Japanese. Download the PDF

“Fighting Racism with Music” & “Is ‘It Gets Better’ Good Enough?”
These upper-level content-based ESL materials (download the PDF), modeled after Hilary Janks’ Critical Language Awareness Series of workbooks and Freire’s and Wallerstein’s notion of “codes”, were developed to support my Cultural Issues course and written up for my Critical Pedagogy seminar.

“A Participatory Inquiry into the Effect of Japanese Name Use on Language Learning and Identity Development”
This ongoing student-led investigation of the practice of using L2 names in Concordia Language Villages’ immersion summer programs is described in detail here.  I presented a poster based on the data (“What Happens when “Jane” Becomes “Hanako”? Immersion Students’ Perspectives on Using L2 Names”) at the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) Conference in March 2011, and presented at the American Camp Association conference in February 2012 on the implications of this research for camps (Prezi link above).  My scholarly paper (mini-thesis) is a comprehensive report on the project; I also wrote papers on motivation (PowerPoint here) and negotiation of meaning using the same data.

“Advanced Japanese Online: development, implementation and effectiveness of the course”
I worked on the evaluation portion of this project with Sennei Kou; we presented with Dr. Yumiko Tateyama at the 2011 Association of Teachers of Japanese Annual Conference.  Download the PowerPoint

“Learner-Centered from Day One”
This practical workshop took place at the Hawaii TESOL conference in February 2011.
View the Prezi

SLSSA Technology Workshop: Prezi and Zotero
See my technology page for handouts and more information.

“Intertextuality at Immersion Camp: Counselors’ Use of Shared Knowledge to Scaffold Nightly Skits”
This microanalysis of Japanese-language skits performed at an immersion summer camp describes how counselors used campers’ shared knowledge and contextual aspects of the camp setting to reinforce comprehension.  I presented this project at my department’s brownbag lecture series in March, 2010.  (I also presented a shorter version at the 14th Student Conference of the College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literatures.)
Download the PDF        View the PowerPoint

“Are Real Men Monolingual?”
This literature review of gender disparities in foreign language education in the English-speaking world includes some suggestions (both mine and experts’) for responding to the issue.  View the Prezi here

English Grammar in Context
Here are three more Prezis that I made for an English Syntax class, explaining various tricky bits of English grammar for ESL/EFL teachers and providing some basic activity ideas for classrooms:
Prezi: Cleft and Pseudocleft Sentences
Prezi: Subjunctive Mood
Prezi: Phrasal Verbs

“Critical Pedagogy on the Ground”
This is another literature review with some commentary, about the challenges of implementing critical pedagogy in language classrooms and how some teachers have responded, along with critiques of CP.    Download the PDF

“Sociolinguistics, Identity Development, and Language Use at Concordia Language Villages”
This (very long) paper, my undergraduate thesis, is a winding tour through the history of language teaching, an explanation of the sociolinguistic model of language acquisition, a discussion of code-switching and second language identity development, and an argument (with many examples) that villagers at CLV intentionally mix languages and create blended expressions to claim dual membership in both their L1 and L2 communities.    View the PowerPoint