Committee Member, Professional Development cross-sectional team, Concordia Language Villages

  • Serve on a year-round committee of leaders from CLV’s various programs tasked with improving professional development initiatives for summer staff


Japanese Assistant Dean, Concordia Language Villages, Dent, Minnesota

  • Assumed responsibility for the entire program as acting dean during dean’s absence
  • Attended mid-winter Village Leadership Council in dean’s stead
  • Interviewed and hired new and returning staff
  • Coordinated the development of evening programs (cultural and global citizenship education for groups of 20-100)
  • Organized club program (cultural and recreational activity staffing and staff development) and writing program
  • Mentored and supervised Japanese and American staff, supporting their continued growth as teachers, counselors, and leaders
  • Served as a resource for curriculum, program, and youth development-related questions, as well as assisting with issues among staff
  • Planned and led staff members’ week-long training and daily staff meetings, in collaboration with other leadership staff
  • Communicated with parents and off-site administrative staff
  • Created a wiki for staff pre-orientation and program knowledge preservation
  • Coordinated program schedules and leadership team members’ duties and responsibilities
  • Updated parent website with news, photos, videos, and student projects, using WordPress

International Student Program Coordinator, North Country School, Lake Placid, New York

  • Edited and revised all school curriculum maps at the direction of the Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Developed and taught inaugural 7th grade Japanese course
  • Lead writer of ESL, International Students, and School Traditions self-study report sections for 2015 NYSAIS reaccreditation
  • ESL department representative to the Curriculum Mapping Committee (preparation for NYSAIS reaccreditation visit)
  • Led the writing of a school language policy and new copy for the website about the school’s international student and ESL programs
  • Co-developed English language proficiency benchmarks for admission and for exiting ESL courses
  • Developed and taught an American Studies course to improve 7th grade ESL students’ class participation skills and readiness for 8th grade US History
  • Assisted admissions office in interviewing prospective international students and determining ESL students’ readiness for our program and class placement
  • Consulted with and gave presentations to faculty on supporting ESL students in math, science, and social studies courses and in the residential, farm, and outdoor programs
  • Registered the school as a TOEFL Junior testing site; administered tests and helped students and faculty interpret scores; proposed changes in test administration script that ETS later incorporated into their TOEFL Junior testing manual
  • Coordinated TOEFL iBT testing for older students and helped students prepare for the test
  • Communicated with parents and educational consultants about testing opportunities, student progress, and summer opportunities
  • Led the planning of International Fair and assisted with other activities for international students
  • Developed sample curriculum plans and objectives for task-based Spanish curriculum
  • Taught a week-long half-day Japanese language and culture elective course in 2013

Japanese Credit Curriculum Facilitator, Concordia Language Villages, Dent and Hackensack, Minnesota

  • Orienting teachers, observing and giving feedback, and providing ongoing support and lesson planning help
  • Team-teaching, substitute teaching, and demonstrations of teaching
  • Student placement, scheduling, and all program logistics
  • Managing curriculum documentation and other paperwork necessary to retain accreditation
  • Leadership responsibility for all student issues and parent communication

Course Materials Developer, Hawai’i English Language Program (HELP), University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi

  • Led materials development for the “Learning about Hawaiʻi” basic-level reading class for adult learners
  • Developed additional materials and compiled online resources for Cultural Issues, American Studies, News & Current Events, and Second Language Learning courses

Japanese Curriculum Developer, Concordia Language Villages

  • Developed a well-received task- and roleplay-based curriculum model, in use since 2009, for students in two-week non-credit immersion program (ages 7-18)
  • Revised task-based curriculum for four-week accredited high school program, connecting it to CLVisa, the organization’s in-house LinguaFolio product
  • Wrote teacher orientation manuals for both programs
  • Taught new and experienced teachers ways to develop lessons for each curriculum; provided ongoing professional development and support for both curricula
  • Created planning sheets to facilitate preparation for evening programs (cultural and global citizenship education for groups of 20-100) and mentored new staff as they developed evening programs