Academic Background

Selected courses taken, University of Hawaii at Mānoa, Department of Second Language Studies

–specializations in Language Assessment, Measurement, and Program Evaluation (LAMPE) and Language Teaching

  • Task-Based Language Teaching
  • Motivation and Second Language Learning
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Second Language Writing
  • Critical Pedagogy Seminar
  • Language Program Administration
  • Language Program Evaluation
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Sociolinguistics and Second Languages
  • Second Language Testing
  • Language Teaching Philosophy

Grants and honors received at UH-Mānoa

  • Harry Whitten Prize (for an outstanding scholarly paper)
  • Elizabeth Carr-Holmes Fund (research materials purchase)
  • Graduate Student Organization Travel Grant
  • Ruth Crymes Fund (conference travel)
  • Graduate Division Achievement Scholarship

Notable academic projects completed at UH-Mānoa (also see Projects and Presentations)

  • “A Participatory Inquiry into the Effect of Japanese Name Use on Language Learning and Identity Development” (participatory action research, interview research, motivation study, negotiation of meaning in L2 among peers)
  • Utilization-focused evaluation of an online upper-level Japanese course (survey research, program evaluation)
  • Curriculum and staff training materials development (ESL and Japanese instruction, teacher training, cross-cultural management practices, content-based language teaching, task-based language teaching, critical language awareness)
  • Placement test development (story-retelling speaking tests, writing assessment, task-based assessment)
  • Microanalysis of scaffolding practices used in immersion programs (language routines, intertextuality, content-based teaching, immersion education, multi-level transcription)
  • Literature review papers on boys’ resistance to language education and critiques of critical pedagogy (sociolinguistics, critical pedagogy, learner-centered teaching, philosophy of education)

Selected courses taken, Earlham College

–major in Comparative Languages and Linguistics; minor in TESOL

  • French Theatre, Mandinka (West African) literature
  • Japanese Linguistics
  • Topics in Japanese
  • Studies in Language Learning and Teaching
  • Foundations of Education
  • Human Development
  • Ropes Course Facilitation
  • Introduction to the Vertical World
  • Introduction to Canoeing
  • Javanese Gamelan Ensemble (3 semesters)
  • Metals I and Metals II: Mokume-gane
  • Spanish 101, 201, and Chicano Literature (in English)

Notable academic projects completed at Earlham College

 Courses taken at Iwate University (Earlham College study abroad)

  • Intermediate 1 Integrated Japanese
  • Intermediate 1 Kanji
  • Intermediate 1 Conversation

Honors received at Earlham College

  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • College and Departmental Honors
  • Arthur M. Charles Fellowship for International Study
  • Clifford Crump Phi Beta Kappa Award
  • Presidential Honors Scholarship