Artistic Expertise

Areas of Artistic Expertise

  • Non-ferrous metalsmithing, including raising, forging, fabricating, mokume-gane, etching, enameling, patination, cuttlefish and lost-wax casting, and cold connections
  • Ceramics and glaze chemistry, including throwing, hand-building, and slip-casting, as well as electric kiln, sawdust, and raku firing, and glaze formulation at Cone 6, using unity formula, line and multi-axial blends, or HyperGlaze software
  • Knitting and other fiber arts, including crochet, off-loom weaving, some felting, netting, batik, and tie-dye
  • Printmaking, including relief, intaglio, silkscreen, and stone lithography
  • Basic life drawing, painting, and darkroom photography skills
  • Hardcover and softcover adhesive and nonadhesive bookbinding
  • Basic shop skills (power saws, sanders, pneumatic staplers/nail guns, drills, flex-shaft machine) and plaster casting/mold-making