About Me

Language Teacher (ESL, Japanese, French) • Teacher Trainer • Curriculum/Materials Developer • Researcher/Evaluator • Camp Professional • Experiential Educator • Artist, Art Teacher

International Student Program Coordinator, ESL & English Teacher, North Country School
–My artwork (watercolors) is featured on school stationery and my photographs regularly appear on school social media!

Here is the Prezi and a link to the handouts for the workshop I led in November 2016 on “Collaboratively Determining English Learners’ Readiness to Mainstream” at New York State TESOL’s annual conference.

Past Dean and Curriculum Writer, 森の池 (Mori no Ike) Japanese Language Village, Concordia Language Villages, Dent, Minnesota
–I also serve on CLV’s cross-sectional Professional Development team, helping plan staff training for all language programs.

Here is a link to my presentation at the New York State Association of Independent Schools’ (NYSAIS) 2016 Global Language and Culture Conference.

M.A., Department of Second Language Studies, University of Hawai’i at Manoa
–Specializations in Language Assessment, Measurement, and Program Evaluation (LAMPE) as well as Language Teaching
My paper on the UH Second Language Studies website

My teaching portfolio and more information about my professional life are available by following the links.